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The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is an independent agency of the federal government created to provide financial assistance for small businesses. SBA financing can help you start, build and grow your business plans.

A business line of credit is a cost effective way for you to borrow and repay monies. With a line of credit, your business has the option to draw funding and meet short-term, working capital needs.

A commercial mortgage can alleviate the uncertainty that comes from renting or leasing property. It also builds your equity in a tangible asset. This type of financing can be used to purchase land, commercial property, or to pay for expenses like expansion or remodeling.

Available equipment financing options are: sale leasebacks, dollar buy-outs, equipment loans and equipment leases.

Start-up financing is based on a solid business plan, financial projections and your personal financial strength as the business owner.

Loan Mantra provides expert and strategic advice to assist our clients in reaching their financial goals. By delivering specialized, capable advice and offering you best-in-class technology, we ensure every client understands their options, opportunities and exposures.

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The holiday season is here, and U.S. Congress has until midnight, December 18th, 2020 to hammer out a deal to garner additional economic aid for struggling small businesses. As death tolls from COVID-19 near 300,000, citizens are anxious over their physical health and their road to economic recovery. But whether D.C. arrives at consensus on the 18th or via stop-gap measures in the weeks ahead, here’s how Loan Mantra can help you prepare for another potential wave of PPP funding and a brighter 2021.

Like healthcare and essential workers, those in the SBA lending industry deserve our gratitude this Thanksgiving season. We, as small business lenders and advocates, have worked around the clock to administer PPP lending and forgiveness. This drive comes from our desire to see our communities, and the lifeblood of our economy, restored to some normalcy. Much remains to be accomplished but Loan Mantra is confident in the community partners with whom we will accomplish the tasks ahead. To our industry – colleagues, friends, partners and all those who have been in the trenches with us this year—we say thank you. How can you support the small business community this holiday season? Shop Local: There’s never been a more important time to shop local, whether holiday dinners or gifting. Small Business Saturday: Historically, the Saturday after Thanksgiving (11/28) is a way to show love to your favorite small businesses and help them recover from a challenging year.

September is drawing to a close, and emergency relief payments are drawing to a close. What does this mean for small business owners? (more…)

POSTED : AUGUST 18, 2020 What does it mean to be “powered by BLUE™?” For years, this question has driven the Loan Mantra ethos. Though an acronym for “Business Lender Underwriting Environment,” the BLUE™ platform is far more than pith. It’s an ecosystem. Designed with the small business borrower in mind, the platform takes historically confusing and opaque financial services and digitizes them. The result? BLUE™ seamlessly connects borrowers with best-in-class lenders and capital.

POSTED : JUNE 29, 2020

Most borrowers and lenders are familiar with The 5 ‘C’s of Credit. These are basic guidelines that lenders use to evaluate loan prospects or grade credit investments. Historically the fifth ‘C’ (or “conditions”) has been the most ambiguous category of all, serving as a catch-all designation for lenders who seek to quantify any superseding factors of how a business will perform at market. But now, in the COVID-19 era, the fifth ‘C’ has never been more more crucial or more concrete. In fact, it’s worth questioning whether “conditions” and “Covid-19” are one-and-the-same?

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To the Rescue: What the American Rescue Plan Act Means for EIDL & Other Grants

POSTED : MARCH 30, 2021

On March 11, 2021, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 into law. The Act offers $1.9 trillion dollars in a relief package designed to help Americans recover from the pandemic. The following funds are allotted to small business recovery, targeting the most hard-hit industries as