What does it mean to be “powered by BLUE™?” For years, this question has driven the Loan Mantra ethos. Though an acronym for “Business Lender Underwriting Environment,” the BLUE™ platform is far more than pith. It’s an ecosystem. Designed with the small business borrower in mind, the platform takes historically confusing and opaque financial services […]

Most borrowers and lenders are familiar with The 5 ‘C’s of Credit. These are basic guidelines that lenders use to evaluate loan prospects or grade credit investments. Historically the fifth ‘C’ (or “conditions”) has been the most ambiguous category of all, serving as a catch-all designation for lenders who seek to quantify any superseding factors of […]

For U.S. small business owners who received PPP loan assistance, one question plays over and over in their minds: What happens next? What happens next: In the months since the PPP was originally passed as part of the $2 Trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, U.S. industry leaders, financial institutions, advocacy groups, […]

One of the biggest dilemma / issues of the small business owner is the understanding and separation of business and personal assets. Most of us have heard of work & life balance, how about work and personal credit balance. Correct, similar to personal credit, we have business credit. It is very important for everyone business […]